My heart beats 

For everything 

And nothing 

All at once 


Time and Time Again 

Time creeps and races by,
In quick flashes 

And blinks of eyes. 

Slowly we decay 

As we watch the world 

From windows and couches. 

Time comes and time goes,

Rushes and flows. 

Sometimes time is a wave beating at the shore,

Other times it’s calm rolling current 

Sweeping you slowly up, 

And carrying you farther than you ever meant to go.

Time greets you

With its sweet hellos,

And leaves you 

With goodbyes that often sting.

Sometimes it’s forever,

And we get no reasons as to why.


Some chances do come again.

The hard part 

Is never knowing 



Driving down the highway 

That same thought 

Hitches a ride, 

Now it’s on my 

Passenger side.

That same thought 

Refuses to say 

A quick goodbye. 

I Park the car

And I run upstairs,

But that same thought

Follows me up there. 

That same thought 

Lays its head on the pillow 

Right next to mine.

And that same thought,

Spends the night. 

If only you would have stayed..

Maybe that would have kept 

That same thought,

At bay.