Small Talk

I worry I’ll never 

Know anyone long enough 

To get past 

The coffee shop small talk.

I worry no one 

Will ever see past

Smiles full of teeth 

And eyes that don’t reach. 



Before you ask,

Bite your tounge.


And what do you see? 

Before you say,


Keep it for yourself. 


She pointed across the street to the telephone wire. 

“Look at that little blue bird” she said. 

I looked. 

“I don’t see anything out there” I said. 

She grabbed my arm and pulled me closer to the window. 

“Right there. How do you not see it?” She said. 

Her grip on my arm grew tighter as she pointed at the wire again. 

“Right there!” She said. 

“Oh yeah, I see it now” I lied. She sometimes saw things I didn’t. 

She smiled and said, “life is like the little blue wings on that bird.”