I won’t have

A happy ending

Because what makes me happy

Is going to end

And I will have to keep on living



You think it’s a threat

When I tell you I can always just leave

And go back home

But little do you know

Home is no longer a town

On the other side of the country

That i grew up in

And I don’t remember when I realized this

But now I know for sure

Home is you

And I couldn’t leave

Even if you begged me to

The empty spot next to me

You always took the spot by the wall

The spot that used to be mine

When you left I tried to reclaim it

But now it’s too cold on that side of the bed

it’s just the empty spot next to me

I’ve washed the sheets a hundred times

But they still smell like you

I swear I still feel you ripping at my skin

Tell me when will that side of the bed

Be safe for me to sleep comfortably in

When will the sheets lose your smell

When will my skin

Forget you

Like it never let you in

will I ever feel real without you

How can I begin


And do I even want to

In us all

We are all art

Not to be hung on walls

Or hidden in the pages of books

We are the art

Roaming the streets at 3 am

laying out in the sun by glittering pools

daydreaming and telling

our secrets to the stars

We are the art

That breathes

We are all living masterpieces

It’s not easy

I asked him why

He kept accepting my apologies

When he knows

That it won’t be the last time

I will have to say sorry

For the same things

Over and over

Time and time again

And he said

That that is what Love is

To forgive and forgive

Over and over

Time and time again

Then he asked me why I stay

When he hurts me

Over and over

Time and time again

I told him that is what Love is

Hurting and hurting

Over and over

Time and time again

And still allowing the person back in

To do it over and over

Again and again

And again