Why do all the lights

Go green

As soon as I decide

I’ve got nowhere

To be?


Where did you go?

I drove around early this morning,

Looking for something…

I didn’t find it.

You asked me where I went

And why I ran out as fast as I did…

I know you thought I was lying

When I said


But it’s the truth.

I realized that

the only thing worth finding

Was what I had left behind.

The only thing

Worth anything to me,

Is and always will be



In a years time 

Maybe I won’t know you anymore 

But today 

You’re sitting here next to me 

Watching something stupid on tv

And today 

You held me 

And kissed my neck so gently 

Today you’re here 

And that’s enough for me 

Whatever tomorrow will bring 

Can’t take you away 


Goodbyes and endings 

So many books 

sit on my shelves half read

Because I love beginnings 

the way a book starts

Explaining and introducing

I love greeting


But I can feel when

Things begin to shift 

Loose ends being tied 

Or cut

And I am forced to abandon it

Before it can abandon me

Just like with you

I always leave first

you say it’s because I don’t care

But it’s because 

I care too much

I’m terrified 

by how much I care

I’m sorry

But I’m no good at goodbyes

Endings or breaking ties

And I know how selfish 

It sounds to say

But when I leave

Would you please just stay