Coming Home

My shoes squeak 

as I walk through the door.

Drops of rain fall to the floor 

as I shrug off my coat.

My nose is red and running 

from the cold. 

I hear the creak of floor boards 

As you come down to greet me. 

And welcome me home. 

Gone and Back Again

I could walk out in the rain 

Drive down that familiar road 

Never to be seen again. 

But how often do we think 

Of the hours or days spent away?

At what a risk we all take

Each and every day. 

We’re always gone and back again, 

Until one day were only gone.

Never another again

Ever again. 


Remember when you told me
That’s not what you fought for?

You didn’t fight for the ones who thought 

Like me.

But I’m here to tell you,

Freedom isn’t selective 

Just because you fought for it.

Either we are all free

Or we are the fools who only claim to be.