There are many things

You can discover

From being left alone

For hours


Or minutes.

But I wish I had realized

Much sooner

Joy can only be found

In the company of others.



I knew it was something when I was having this crazy fit of rage over something so stupid… because all the anger I have bottled up sometimes tends to spill out over small things… and he said to me “it’s okay. I know you’re not really mad at me and when your ready to not be angry anymore tell me and we can just forget about it” and he really meant it. He wasn’t mad about my seemingly unprovoked outburst and more importantly he let me stay angry. Anger has to be felt. when I eventually calmed down he started a random conversation about Star Wars and moved on. I brought it up later and said I was sorry and he told me “we spend so much time together that we get to see the good and the bad in each other and I’m glad for it” that was all. Yes I still have much to work on but I’ve never before met someone who could calm me so easily and instead of escalating my anger like i’m used to, maybe he could even help me tame it.


What if the dog barking across the street is the only thing that matters? We are all too busy slamming our bedroom windows and yelling at it to shut up that we don’t listen. What if everything is revealed in the things we try hardest to keep silent? Dogs barking and children screaming and the shattering of glass? What then?