Not lost yet

You act as though you have already lost him

And maybe at times it felt like you had

But if he’s still the one you say goodnight too

Could it really be that bad?



You will wish that you could clear him from your mind

But something will always drag you back

To the long nights spent in the car

Full of laughter

And the terrible fights

The way he traced his fingers up and down your back

And the night you held him as he cried

It will all come back as harsh as if it happened yesterday

Memories don’t fade

They might fall away for a day or a week maybe years

But you will always remember him

The first time you touched

The pounding in your heart then will be the same as now

You haven’t changed somehow

He may have broke your heart

And took everything else

But you will still be happy to see him

In that quick rush of memories

You will realize he never left you at all

Because he still lingers in the rise and fall of your every breath

The pounding of your heart and

He will always be a dull ache in your chest