At twenty one

I think I’m done

I’ve seen enough

And felt enough

Tonight could be my last

And It wouldn’t be

soon enough


I never mean what I say

His hands were shaking with rage

A smile spread across my face

He told me he hated me and

I could feel his weight being replaced

I spoke to his back when I stuck the knife in

‘I never loved you anyway’

My heart broke from the lie

He never turned back

Or replied

But still I whispered


Good Morning

I haven’t forgotten those soft mornings

the ones that came before the chaos

when we slowly rose

with the sun filtering through the blinds

hot coffee wrapped in cold hands and

I remember you’d always tell me

how pretty my eyes were

and I’d roll them and tell you

I already knew

we’d laugh so hard

we woke up our roommates

remember how we never used to care

how mad it made them

we never cared about anything then

and while it lasted

those quiet mornings with you

were everything to me