Your story is in your heart. 

When you were hiding from your mother under the bed. 

Do you remember how it pounded? 

Do you remember what it said? 



Try to be soft 

Like the sun that seeps into your window at dawn

Like leaves that soundlessly depart with the only trees they’ve known 

Like a cat as it slinks down a dark alley on soft worn paws 

Like pink clouds that are scattered in the sky at dusk 

Be soft in your ways 

For a far too many things are not


Why is it when I’m quiet for a long while 

You ask if I’m okay

Or if I’m angry

Why has silence turned into a reflection of anger

I wish we could get to a point 

Where stillness 

Simply meant you were lost in thought 

Just thought

I wish my silence didn’t make you feel like something was wrong 

I wish it didn’t make you uncomfortable 

Silence is the lack of noise not the presence of anger

And trust me, when I’m angry you’ll feel it. 


I love waking up before the sun

When I get to watch it saunter in through the window 

Feeling the warmth of rays across my face 

And letting beams dance through my finger tips 

When I look through the shades 

To the trees and street below

Everything is calm and peaceful

I realize there’s still time for me 

And I go back to the warmth of my bed 

Falling asleep to thoughts of coffee and the day that lies ahead 


Some people deserve no explanation 

When they wake up in the morning

And your side of the bed is cold

They will look around the room with sleep in their eyes

Still you are nowhere 

Eventually they will make their way downstairs 

And you still won’t be found 

Then they will notice 

Everything that was yours is gone 

You are gone 

And still they deserve no explanation 


My anger is a ball of wax 

Wound up tight in my throat 

And stuck to my bones

When I go outside into the sun

I feel it melt away 

All the anger I was sure would stay 

Turns into puddles at my feet

I fear the day that summer leaves

For without the sun

What else will melt 

This ball of wax stuck in my throat