We didn’t agree on much 

My father and I 

But each day as we drove over the hill

On our way home from work and school 

We’d look for the cows 

That speckled the mountain side in the afternoons

Smiling and pointing we’d shout 

‘Look, there they are!’

And for a moment everything else washed away 

We were no longer at war with one another 

And our silence was filled with peace 

Now I’ve grown and moved away 

But still my father calls from time to time

To talk about the cows 

They are still there 

Grazing on the sides of those grassy hills 

And in the moment 

When he’s describing the scene to me

My worry washes away as I’m brought back 

To the days where something as simple 

As cows on the hill 

Could bring such peace 

And amazed how it does still 


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