“Young and dumb”

“Too much ambition” 

“You never think things through” 

“A hopeless dreamer” 

These are all things you’ve told me

And I can’t disagree 

But the fun I’ve had 

The beauty I have seen 

The things I have learned 

And the people I’ve met along the way

All of it would have never been possible 

Without my young and dumb 




There has been pain 

Failure and hurt 

Times where I was sure I had made the biggest mistake of my life 

But the beauty I found 

In back streets at midnight 

And in hotel rooms with creaky windows 

And gas stations in the middle of the desert 

Where I saw the sun rise 

And set 

Behind the wheel of my car

Is everything I’m worth 

I live in those streets 

The ones that called to me 

For so long 

And when I finally listened 

I was home 

That longing you feel 

It is real 

And all I can say is 


Even if it’s crazy 

Even if they say you shouldn’t 

Listen or it will keep pulling at you 


Begging to be heard 


It’s the easiest thing you can do 


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