When I heard what happened, I realized how much you loved me. 

We all went camping that weekend, down by the lake. We were sitting around the campfire enjoying each others company, when my friend said she was getting home sick. Without skipping a beat you asked if she wanted to be driven back home. She did, and you drove two hours to take her. 

Mom didn’t come camping with us, and once you dropped off my friend you decided to stop by the house to check on her. You caught her with another man. You left without saying a word to either of them. 

You came back to the campsite. You smiled and acted completely normal,or maybe I was so young I couldn’t tell anything was off. You had just caught your wife cheating, but you didn’t want to ruin the trip for us. You smiled into the fire and maybe I didn’t catch that far off look in your eyes. 

You kept so much hidden. You were such a good actor. I recall that weekend as one of the best from my childhood, and it’s seared into your memory for so many painful reasons. You didn’t let that pain swallow you up, you didn’t even give yourself time to feel it. You just came back with that smile on your face. 

That’s what a great father you are. 


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