More than Beautiful 

Teach her to stay away from heavy hands and angry eyes. Show her the difference between love and suffocation. Lift her up and make sure she knows her heart and lungs and fingertips will warn her when something’s not right. Make sure she listens to them. 

Teach her to say no without any hesitation or guilt. Give her confidence and grow in her a love for herself that can never be shaken. Ask her what she wants and make sure she gets what she needs. 

Love her no matter what. Make sure she knows she’s so much more than pretty. She is brave, strong, smart, powerful. She is heard. She is seen. She is known. If she falls, offer your hand but also your heart. 

She is your daughter and she deserves the world. Help her capture it. Nurture the fire that burns inside of her – don’t try to put it out. She is worth the risk of being burnt. 


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