I always ran to the bright white horse. The one wrapped in ribbons of red and gold, it’s saddle made of real leather. The millions of times that I rode the carousel, I never even looked at any of the other animals. It was always that horse, and by some kind of luck, it was never occupied by anyone else.

But you… you chose a different animal each time, so long as it wasn’t a horse. Lions, bears, wolves, sea horses. You ran around in circles searching for the right one, never settling until you found it. Tigers, zebras, dogs, cats, even the fish! Your eyes filled with joy as you ran around and around and around. And once you made up your mind, the chosen animal seemed to swell with pride. 

Without you the lights don’t seem to shine as bright. The animals are defeated and forbidding, yet you still linger in their eyes. I feel them watching me as I mount my white horse. 


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