The bridge 

Everyday as I walked to and from work, I crossed the bridge. And that meant everyday, twice a day, I thought about jumping off it. 

I started my day at five am, I was the store opener for a fast food restaurant, which meant I got to catch the sunrise every morning. That was the only upside. I hated every mintue of my actual job. The hours I spent working dragged, and the ones I didn’t flew by no matter how much I begged them to stay. 

The bridge is where I first felt it; The urge to jump. It came suddenly one day as I watched the sunrise from it’s highest point, as I did everyday. The thought came rushing into my brain and soon it was all I could think about each time I passed over it. 

‘You would never have to step foot in that awful place again if you just jumped’ 

‘Do it’

‘What’s stopping you?’

My brain screamed at me every time I walked over the bridge, “THIS IS YOUR CHANCE.” I tried not to make eye contact with the cars speeding past under me. 

But I never jumped. Everyday, twice a day, the thoughts raced through my mind. I’m not sure, but I think it’s the sunrise that kept me from meeting with the pavement. 

The sun will rise, and we will try again. – Truce, Twenty One Pilots 


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